Media Features

Berita Mediacorp news: Coverage of Dementia study

16 Nov, 2023

Berita Newspaper article: Malays are more at risk of dementia, more are encouraged to participate in the NTU study

15 Nov 2023

Straits Times article “Asian dementia on the rise in Singapore”

17 Jun 2023

CNA “On The Pulse”

01 Apr 2023

CNA 938 radio interview “Daily Cuts – S1E159: Silent strokes and pre-dementia: What’s the link?

07 Mar 2023

Straits Times article “Link between Silent Strokes and pre-dementia: Study”

06 Mar 2023

Lianhe Zaobao “Local study: Chronic disease affecting the brain may lead to vascular dementia”

24 Feb 2023

Channel 8 Interview “Date in Lion City | Ten Interview: Chronic Disease and Dementia”

24 Feb 2023

CNA “Sing to Remember”

20 Feb 2023